In a previous career, I often used to write articles for women’s magazines entitled; “New Year, New you!” at this time of year.

These always made me sigh (inwardly), but I always tried my best to put a bit of a spin on them and ended up with lots of things to give up and remove from life, (again big inward sigh)…very glad that was over for another year!

I have realised as a therapist, that this time of year is probably not the best time to give things up, but it is a great time to refocus and set future intentions.

As the year comes to an end, a bit of debrief with yourself is actually very helpful, as long as you do it with compassion and love.

Remembering the great adage “Energy follows intention”, I love to explore the potential of a New Year, a fresh clean page ready to be written on.

Intentions are not resolutions, we do not beat ourselves up with them and we do not see them as deprivation. In a way they are exploring our hearts desires ❤ and asking for what we want. Yes want!

After writing numerous 5 year life plans with clients, this is the part that always makes them very uncomfortable. If we voice our deepest desires will we get disappointed?

The answer is yes, we might, by voicing what we want we take a risk. Yet isn’t it worth it if we want a fulfilling life?

As one very wise client said; “If I don’t know what I want, how will I recognise it if I get it!” 

So setting intentions is about making a positive statement, writing them down and focusing your energy on them, giving them your all.

After reviewing my year, I am really aware how tired I am, this seems to end up by me feeling resentful and grumpy.

So my main intention this year is set more time aside for rest, not just weekends but tranches of real time for me to take a solid mental break. Time to dream I have called it!

So to set this in motion I set some time aside to explore how I feel about this rest, giving myself space and time to explore my blocks.

Here is what I learnt about setting intentions:

📍Meditate on them. When our thoughts are quieter we can imagine and connect to our heart. Use your breath to go deeper if resistance comes up, be curious.

📍Imagine yourself doing what you love; (eg writing, running, resting, new course etc) and let the passion grow in you, hold this feeling close.

📍Write a short statement to set your intention; make it positive e.g “I am resting for me, because I love it and it makes me feel joyful, I truly deserve that and will make time for it this year”

📍Watch the blocks; mine is my inner critic saying I will miss out on opportunities but I just return to how peaceful I will feel and repeat my intention statement.

📍Make it real; share it with someone you trust and ask them to help you keep your intention.

📍Ground the intention; make some practical changes such as booking time off.

📍Then let it go; yes really, don’t obsess over it, you set it, now see what follows. I always say my intentions have elastic waistbands they can expand!

I really hope you enjoy setting your own intentions, and remember the best intentions are set with abundance in mind not deprivation.

Learn to trust in what you want and watch the energy in your life flow towards it, literally let it fly!