Searching for a therapist that aligns with you is incredibly hard. It is such an important and vulnerable making relationship, so it needs to be right for you.

As a Neurodiverse individual it is even more vital that this therapist is informed and aware of what you might be challenged with.

This enables them to be super understanding from enquiry through to actual therapy and make accomodations if needed.

The therapist needs to be able to help you understand your processing through a filter of Neurodiversity, this takes experience, compassion and knowledge.

Many therapists claim expertise here, so do ask them what that is and where it was achieved. It doesn’t always have to be training, though this helps and of course it needs to be Neurodiverse affirming training.

My experience is a combination of up to date training and working with a myriad of clients who identify as Neurodiverse. I never claim I am an expert, no one is an expert on any other human being!

You may also want to know if the therapist identifies themselves as Neurodiverse and this is a totally valid question and one I welcome.

I don’t identify myself and always fully understand if a client does not want to work with me because of it, it’s totally fine I really understand.

Saying that, it’s so important to remember it’s the person who matters not their Neurotype. If you don’t gel it’s fine, find someone else who you do resonate with and let that be ok.

RSD can get in the mix here, so be patient with yourself and do let the therapist know if it is an executive function challenge for you, prepare yourself too.

Ask as many questions as you need and do try to speak to as many therapists as you are able to. Having a written script is fine and do give it to the therapist if you want to beforehand.

Trying a session to see if the therapist and their space works for you, can be ideal.

Let them know the best way for you to communicate, they should adjust to support you and what you need. If they won’t then they might not be right for you. An example is frequency of sessions, some people find weekly too much, I understand this and try to work with that.

Therapy can be such a great experience but it needs to be with the right person who encourages and sees your qualities, as well as challenges, we all deserve that! ❤️