Meditation & Podcasts

I have uploaded these Meditations to help you integrate some Mindfulness in to your daily practice, I hope you enjoy them and do recommend them to others.

Meditation 1:

5-Minute Meditation

Use if you are new to mindfulness and for a daily dose of calm

Meditation 2:

Soothing Rhythm Breathing

Use to ease stress and anxiety at any time

Meditation 3:

Three steps to explore your feelings

Use when you are feeling overwhelmed and want to explore how you feel

Meditation 4:

Elemental Breath Practice 

Use every day to boost your practice and help you manage your feelings

Meditation 5

     Anxiety relief

Use this whenever you are feeling anxiety or overwhelmed 

Meditation 6:

Body Acceptance Meditation

This meditation helps to promote body acceptance and appreciation 


Meditation 7:

Mountain Meditation

This meditation will help you find stability and trust in yourself  when you are suffering from low self esteem 

Meditation 8:

Loving Compassion Meditation

This meditation will help you boost your self esteem and radiate confidence through loving compassion

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