Most of us have felt at some time that we are tired of giving all our energy away to others, leaving us feeling exhausted and depleted.

I have noticed, as have many of my clients, that this constant background anxiety from the holiday season and cost of living crisis, is depleting our energy even more.

After a long day I am starting to display signs of “swan syndrome”; seemingly calm on the outside, but frantically paddling underneath, which makes it all the more tiring!

If you are the kind of person who constantly feels they give more than they get, you may need to look at how you put down boundaries and say no.

Being aware of what and who zaps our energy is a good way to stop getting to this stage of exhaustion.

The Spoon theory is really helpful here. The idea is that we only have so many spoons when we wake up, watching how we use those spoons can help us understand our energy. If you have a disability or are Neurodiverse you use your spoons more quickly.

Watch how you are feeling; if resentment or frustration start to surface, then consider whether it’s time to put your foot down… kindly, but firmly and keep your spoons in reserve.

If you need to spend time doing things or spending time with those who zap you energy, (sometimes we just have to especially at Christmas), give yourself a respite afterwards, doing something you love, to re energize and reboot the system.

For me this is time in the garden or in nature. Forests and water are both great places to plug yourself in to new energy sources.  It is incredible how having a few hours dedicated to yourself seems to boost energy reserves and help boost your mood.

My favourite meditation trick to cleanse me after energy drains, is to imagine myself in a pure white shower of light running from head to toe, letting it cleanse and reinvigorate, as it washes over me.

Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, connects us to the water breath and is very refreshing. Take a look at the meditations on my website for more help with this.

Whatever you do to re energise the most important thing is to be kind to yourself, self compassion and love are the ultimate energy boosts!