As the days get shorter and the nights draw in, we start to feel the Winter approaching.

As someone who loves the sun, as soon as it starts to loose its warmth, I start to feel such loss, wishing it had been a longer more productive Summer (it is never long enough for me!)

This year though I am going to take my lead from nature and turn my energy inwards and encourage myself to winter well.

As the leaves turn, the trees give one final burst of beauty and then they rest for the Winter.

Many of us are feeling overwrought and tired from the anxiety of the last few months and the fear of a difficult time ahead. Many of my clients have been saying their anxiety is off the scale and they are not sure how to embrace what is coming.

So seeing Winter not as a fallow time but as a time for regeneration and healing, might enable us to reframe the forthcoming months.

As the year begins to end, its the perfect time to set some simple goals for ourselves; such as giving in to rest and recovery, reading those books that have lain unread in front of the fire or catching up with precious people who nourish us.

So why not spend some time contemplating what you are going to do with those deep, soulful Winter days and refocus yourself this Autumn? Who knows it may prove to be a time of great recovery and discovery for you.

I have a few rituals that help me prepare for the Winter and refocus my energy internally, some of them might help you too:


  1. Plant lots and lots of bulbs for Spring, just the thought of them in the earth beginning to grow cheers me up!
  2. Get outside as much as possible; even on rainy and chilly days, feeling the seasons on our skin and in our hair can change our relationship with Winter, it has its joys, they are just a bit wilder.
  3. Focus on changing your diet to reflect the season, get that slow cooker out for stews and nourishing soups.
  4. Get in to a mediation or breathing practice, even if it is for just 10 minutes it will boost your mood.
  5. Do you feel that you want to try something new? We often save this for the Spring but I am a huge fan of Winter change, this year it is drawing I want to take up again.
  6. Do a Winter clean of your house and get it ready for cosy times, blankets and rugs and refresh your houseplants as they can bring in nature and also keep the environment clean and fresh.
  7. Essential Oils and scent can ring in an energy change, my favourites are Ginger, Bergamot and Cardamom, try and go spicy and warm for ultimate comfort.

Wintering well means being more gentle and slowing down…it’s the perfect time to regenerate yourself and move inward.