I often get asked what clients can do when things become overwhelming.

I always say, go outside, find a tree you love and lean against it. It really works, give it a try! My tree friend has helped me find peace when things have been tough.

Ecotherapy helps us understand that human beings are naturally drawn to being in nature, the colour green is very calming for the brain and helps us feel connected.

The sense of wonder we experience under the huge starry night sky or the power of the sea, all make us feel there is a power greater than us.

For me though its secrets lie in how it changes every day, embracing the day whatever the weather and season. It is a great reminder that change is constant and resisting it saps our energies, the rhythm of nature is the secret.

When I need a boost I walk mindfully, feeling each step on the path and fully grounding myself. Slowly my circling thoughts ease and I focus on the clouds and feel of the wind.

As the first buds of Spring appear I feel true hope returning, I hope you do too!