When we are in recovery from anxiety or depression we need to learn to fully rest and let go. I often work with clients who find this a challenge, they busy themselves with to do lists and appointments. When we fully let go of the things we feel we need to do, we can let the mind rest and we can begin to heal.

I often recommend to start by reading a book, or listening to some music. Find a comfortable place and try to focus on what you are doing, then in intervals stop and just look out the window, maybe watching the world or the clouds. This is true idling; as in doing nothing and being absorbed in the world around us. So often we are trapped in our head and thoughts, by being moved by the world around us we realise we are part of it but are able to step back. I often get the feeling that I am just one person on a wonderful planet, moving slowly round the sun, it makes my problems seem smaller.

As Spring approaches we can move outside and sit in the garden or a park, watching nature, the weather and the insects can truly transform how we feel. I can’t wait for a bit of true idling in my garden as the warmer weather comes!