Over my years as a Psychotherapist I have seen a steady rise in my clients who have a diagnosis or identify as Neurodiverse.

I also work as a Neurodiversity Mentor at Universities, so it became very natural to see people in my private practice too.

It’s been a true joy to work with those who are wanting to explore who they are and be able to see the real potential in their lives.

Many people with ADHD, Dyslexia or Autism have been given very negative messaging around their neurodivurgence and it can have a hugely detrimental impact in their lives.

One study said children with ADHD or ADD, received 2500 negative messages about themselves before they became teenagers!

With such a torrent of criticism, it isn’t unusual to feel anxiety, grief, trauma and a lack of self worth.

It is very hard to be in a world that sets expectations that you may not meet (neurotypical expectations), to not be appreciated as you truly are, to feel you are failing.

it can be very beneficial to talk to an informed Psychotherapist about how this has impacted and to experience compassion and acceptance.

My goal is to celebrate all my clients, to help them slowly and kindly get to know themselves better.

If you, or someone you know, wants to talk about neurodiversity then please do get in touch.