We all have to face situations in our lives that we know are going to cause us a lot of anxiety. It might be an exam, travelling, operation, a family party or difficult work meeting. For those who already suffer from anxiety it can be very daunting to know that these dreaded situations are coming up.

I myself recently had my driving test to face, having failed it a few times and suffered huge amounts of anxiety the last time, I knew I had to come up with a plan to overcome what I knew was coming!

Having a plan to minimise anxiety certainly helped me manage the situation, here is what I learnt:

  1. Minimise other stressful things, just focus on one anxiety making thing at a time
  2. Reach out and ask for help and support, I let close friends know how I was feeling
  3. Take care of your diet and get as much rest and relaxation as you can
  4. Find ways to distract your anxious mind, audio books work for me
  5. I always found time for my mediation, even though it was the last thing I wanted to do!
  6. Nurture a kind inner coach who can help you by speaking supportively
  7. Try not to listen to your inner critical voice, its going to play up be aware of that!
  8. Finally when it is done, celebrate don’t look back and ruminate.

I realise that whilst those of us with anxiety might need a bit more support during anxiety making situations, we are just as able as others to challenge ourselves, we just need the right support.

Yes I did pass my driving test and I like to believe it was worth all the stress!