Over the years one of the questions I often get asked is;

Does it need to be an emotional crisis before I ask for support and enter therapy?

The answer is no, therapy is also a great place to come to explore life changes and plans for the future.

Most people know that they have managed as much as they can alone. They might feel they need someone to work with to help them find the next steps on their journey.

Friends and family might also mention that although they are happy to support them, they have done as much as they can.

I have had clients who have been approaching great life changes such as retirement or divorce.

They want someone outside of their immediate circle of family and friends, to discuss where they are in their lives and their hopes and dreams for their future.

Others have wanted to talk about their own development and what they feel they need to do to make some changes to help them reach their full potential. Changes to their career or a new relationship perhaps.

One of my previous clients wanted to set up her own business but felt restricted by the responses she had from others.

I knew that my instincts were right, but I didn’t have anywhere to go to discuss options, therapy provided me with a non judgemental place to do that”.

So as we begin a new year and look forward to a brighter future, why not consider some sessions of therapy to explore your hope and dreams.

We can work through any blocks you can see and make you feel comfortable with your choices

A great way to introduce this forward thinking to your everyday life is to set aside time for intentions and setting priorities.

Journaling can give you a chance to explore what you want. Close your eyes and imagine yourself 5 years from now, what do you see and what do you long for?

This daily or weekly practice can help you refine what you want and energy follows intention!