I have always been fascinated by the heart; the seat of feeling in the body and a place we consistently ignore in favour of the head.

By learning to listen to our heart we may learn some very interesting things about ourselves and start to see where we might need to focus some of our energies to help us in our lives. You might like to try my heart focused mediation.

Spend some time breathing and focusing all your attention on your chest area. Listen to the rise and fall of your breath and the gentle, regular beat of your heart. Focusing all your attention on the heart, try to tune in to your heart. Take it slow, the heart is quiet and the chatter of the mind often drowns it out. Listen carefully to what your heart is telling you and be open to the gentleness and softness it can bring.

An even easier way to connect to your heart is to ask yourself what you need right now, what would make my heart sing. Then do it. Maybe a bike ride in the wind, a hot chocolate, great chat with a friend or a gorgeous bath. Tune in to what you need and do it, the heart really needs to sing once in a while!