One of the first things I notice about clients who suffer from depression or anxiety is that they often avoid being around other people.

For some they find others needs exhausting, for some they feel they might bring people down with their low mood.

However as we isolate ourselves, we feel more disconnected and ultimately more lonely.

Developing a connectivity plan with my clients helps them feel they can be of value and be around others.

It might entail just being in a cafe for a coffee, sitting and simply being with others, smiling and making conversation with the waitress. The more you do it the more normal it will become!

Try to find a way to be connected every day, either by volunteering, chatting to a new person at the bus stop or by joining a new meet up group.

Everyone has the potential to impact positively on someone else’s life, we just need to take the initiative. Just notice how connecting makes you feel and how it can lift your mood.

I do feel that in order to connect with others we also need to be able to connect to ourselves. So balancing time alone and time with others is so important.