Many of us are reeling from all the turmoil and horror in the world right now. It may take a bit of imagination but stepping back and focusing on those things we feel grateful for might help us refind our balance.

A few years ago I worked with a woman who had a chronic illness and felt for a long time that her body had let her down. Slowly over time in therapy she has softened towards her body and been amazed at how much her body did for her daily to keep her in her life. “I always focus on my heart” she said “it works so hard and I often just sit with it’s beating and try to feel enormously grateful”.

Gratitude is now being recognised as a real tonic for the mind and body, by focusing on it we can truly learn to be in the moment. Finding three things at the end of a long day to be grateful for connects us to our compassionate self and calms the mind. My list often feels a bit insignificant, such as a great chat with my best friend or an amazing cup of coffee, but it always makes me smile again!