I often get clients in therapy who seem disturbed and upset by their dreams. I really enjoy introducing them to the ways in which we can gain wisdom and even comfort from our dreams, they can be truly transformational.

I remember having a little book when I was a child that you could use to look up symbols in dreams. It was fun trying to work out what my dreams meant, but after years of working with my own dreams I now realise we need to personalise symbols and look within ourselves, to see what our unconscious self is telling us through our dreams.

Keeping a dream diary can helps us see patterns of recurring images, places, people or atmospheres. If you find it hard to remember the whole dream just try to jot down some words and see if you recall more details later. The more you try notice your dreams the more the unconscious sees you paying attention and sends you more, its as if we are reawakening a forgotten part of ourselves!

Talk to your friends about the dreams, draw them, let them ignite your creativity. Finally you can bring them to therapy where we can discuss them and bring them alive. Some of my dreams have helped me make great changes in my life and challenge myself to move forward when I have felt very stuck, they really are gifts if we open ourselves up to them.