Travelling and holidays are mostly seen as great ways to relax and recuperate, but as Summer comes to an end, I have clients who found it all incredibly stressful and very triggering for their anxiety. Yet I am a firm believer that challenging yourself with travel is as vital for those with anxiety as everyone else, perhaps even more so.

As I sat on a train station in Croatia, with a broken train and the prospect of a long bus journey ahead, I felt my anxiety rising. I hate buses, feel travel sick and frankly cope badly with changed plans. I felt my temper rising and my inner critic raging that I should have flown rather than taken the train. With a bit of self coaching to “remain curious”, I got on the bus and actually arrived early in Zagreb having made a friend and seen a new landscape!

Anxiety should never get in the way of  having an amazing experience. Making yourself feel safe and planning is great, but learning to handle change and problems, builds resilience and can make you feel incredibly proud of yourself as you overcome them.